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Drug rehabilitation centers incorporate a number of techniques that increase the likelihood of getting clean and staying sober. There is an education process involved that helps the addict understand the many aspects of chemical dependency. Armed with this knowledge, clients succeed and go on to experience healthier lifestyles free from drugs.

Seeking Help at Drug Treatment Centers

Most people enmeshed in an addictive lifestyle are fully aware of the situation but resist help for various reasons. Fear is a common deterrence. Addicts may fear the stigma attached to admitting to chemical dependency. They may fear failing at not being able to get or stay sober. Many also fear having to endure the detox experience.

However, when someone no longer has control over the habit, continues falling short when it comes to financial, legal or personal relationship responsibilities, or begins experiencing a deterioration in health, the individual is in desperate need of professional help.

How is Addiction Mental and Physical?

Addiction is not strictly a mental process, but rather results from physical, emotional, and mental factors. The physical aspect of addiction results from differences in neurotransmitter levels between individuals with addictive tendencies and those with “normal” brain chemistry. Additionally, long-term substance abuse can alter brain chemistry, a fact that accounts for at least part of the difficulty that chronic substance users have in overcoming addiction.

The physical aspect of addiction is often referred to as chemical dependence and differs markedly from the mental aspects of addiction. Mental addiction is generally characterized by an intense desire to use a substance because of the feelings that it produces. Mental addiction is also more difficult to treat than physical addiction.

Only drug treatment and addiction rehab have, so far, been successful in managing the mental and behavioral aspects of addiction over long periods of time. While science has discovered that the mental aspects of addiction revolve around stimulation of reward centers in the brain, it isn’t entirely clear how to address these effects or why some people are more susceptible to them than others.

Drug Treatment Centers Health Benefits

There are many benefits to making the decision to stay in an inpatient rehabilitation center equipped to handle drug addiction. Whether arriving from a great distance or from a nearby community, staying in a rehab facility takes clients out of a temptation-rich environment.

During treatment, each resident undergoes a thorough examination and evaluation that helps staff better understand the individual health, support and treatment needs of each client. Kicking a drug habit often means having to endure detoxification, which gives the body the opportunity to eliminate substances and relearn to function in the absence of the drug or drugs.

However, as the central nervous system becomes accustomed to the presence of the drug, individuals commonly experience an array of symptoms of withdrawal while getting sober. During this time, medically trained personnel closely monitor each client’s progress and administer medical treatment when needed. This process is called medical detox.

Continued Drug Treatment Centers Therapies

Detoxifying is only the first step toward sobriety and recovery. Education and therapy provided by a group of multidisciplinary specialists assist clients in the process. Some of the many forms of individual and group therapy sessions offered at drug rehabilitation facilities include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Counseling
  • Medication Education and Management
  • Vocational Training
  • Family Counseling
  • Support Groups

Through the diverse and varied recovery treatment options presented at drug rehabilitation centers, clients gain vital knowledge about themselves and life skills that aid their effort to lead a sober lifestyle. To learn more, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Babylon at (516) 283-5664.

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