What You Need To Know About Craving Babylon, NY

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Every person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol will experience overwhelming cravings. Craving is a heavy physical desire that requires relief. For instance, if you are very hungry or thirsty, as soon as you satisfy your desire to eat or drink, you’ll feel completely satisfied.

Cravings for drugs or alcohol are somewhat similar,  but they are much more powerful. In order to cope with strong cravings, you have to learn how to smooth down the symptoms. As the time will pass the cravings will become less and less abundant.

What triggers craving Babylon, NY

Addicted people that go through recovery can find it hard to stay away from triggers. It is due to the strong cravings they may experience. For example, the environment they are in influence a lot on their mind. Therefore, being in a room or near a person or place related to drugs or alcohol can stimulate cravings.

Triggers can vary from person to person. One can smell or eat something which can remind him/her of drugs or alcohol. Someone can just meet with a person with whom he/she used to drink or take drugs, and it can cause cravings. In order to cope with cravings, it is better to stay away from places or persons associated with alcohol or drugs.

How to manage cravings?

For many individuals overcoming addiction is a struggle. So, in order to win in this struggle and recover, one has to cope and overcome cravings. The first step, in diminishing powerful cravings symptoms, is to understand what may trigger these, and how to manage these cravings.

A way to manage cravings can be the substitution. When one gets a powerful urge, it is good to replace it with other thoughts that are more helpful. One can take a walk in the park or think about something good, it can help to reduce cravings.

Get busy, engage yourself in some distracting activities. Do some kind of sports, read a book or exercise. Once you distract yourself with something else, the urge for drugs or alcohol will be weaker and weaker.

Talk about it. Talk to your friends or family about craving when it appears. Talking about urges can be efficient in pointing out the source of craving. It also can help to ease the symptoms. When you have someone supporting you it is easier to relieve the symptoms.

It is also good, to talk about cravings with a specialist. The specialist will help you to find out what causes cravings, and how to overcome it. Do not hesitate, call us (516)-283-5664.




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